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Laser Institute for Vaginal and Vulvar Health

First developed by doctors in Italy, the MonaLisa Touch is a therapeutic laser treatment that has already brought relief to more than 15,000 women across Europe, Australia and now the US. After receiving FDA approval for use in the US in December 2014, LIVV Health opened its doors in January 2015 to help women in California and to train doctors across the nation. 

Veteran OBGYNs Drs. Peter Weiss and Mickey Karram realized the power and potential of the MonaLisa Touch after more than 60 years of practice between them. The laser therapy is pain-free and there’s no downtime. If you’re suffering from symptoms like vaginal dryness, itching, burning, painful urination or pain with intercourse, call to set up a consultation with one of our doctors to learn more. 

LIVV Health Featured on HUFFPost Live

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LIVV Health is run by two of the four nationally recognized experts of the MonaLisa Touch. Physicians fly in from across the country to be trained by Dr. Mickey Karram and Dr. Peter Weiss. Our location in Beverly Hills is one of only four designated training sites for the MonaLisa Touch.


We’ve never had a tool that can cure women’s suffering the way this can. In just three five-minute treatments, women can gain lasting, life-changing relief from their symptoms for a year at a time. That’s better than anything else on the market - by a long shot.”

— OBGYN   Dr. Peter Weiss, MD


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