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For years now I have experienced frustration and embarrassment caused by intermittent and common itching sensations in the vaginal area. After my first treatment I noticed and immediate decrease in both the severity and also the commonality of my itching. After my second round I am wishing this treatment was available years ago. I really can’t say enough about how MIRACULOUS and AMAZING this treatment has been. Truly LIFE CHANGING!!!
— Ruth B.
I have been unable to experience intimacy with my husband for longer than I wish to remember due to severe pain that I experience from penetration. Not only that but my annual gynecological exam tends to consist of me cringing and pleading with my doctor to stop. I am happy to report that after one treatment I have seen a complete change in sensitivity and I actually joked with my doctor that he could now use a bigger speculum. I am so grateful for this miraculous turnaround and I am really looking forward to regaining my romantic relationship! Thank you Mona Lisa!
— Ashley P.
After my first procedure I had a significant amount of moisture increase, similar to ovulation.After my second procedure, they went to a deeper level, vaginally, and I did not have the same results from the first treatment, however I do believe it has helped my bladder control. I have had bladder control issues from my first vaginal birth, 25 years ago. Quick and Relatively painless procedure, under 5 minutes.
— Debbie K.

The treatment itself is totally painless, it just feels like a little bit of a vibration. It’s just like a pap test!

— Ina

Before the procedure I was experiencing trouble with vaginal dryness and intermittent accidents from coughing/sneezing/heavy laughter. After having 2 children, I felt self-conscious in my dating life due to damage caused by child bearing. Since the procedure I have seen a miraculous transformation. I feel tighter, more confident and no more accidents. I can now laugh, cough and sneeze in public without shame or embarrassment. I have also experienced an unexpected and quite welcomed increase in libido and sexual desire. Satisfied Customer!
— Mary G.
After my first treatment there was a noticeable improvement in lubrication. By the time I finished my third treatment there was significantly more lubrication and my husband said, “You are 10,000 times tighter!” Before being treated I would make excuses for avoiding intercourse due to discomfort caused by vaginal dryness. I did not want to give up my sex life so I am so grateful for this. And so is my husband.”
— Patty L.


MonaLisa Touch offers a nonsurgical approach to deliver long-lasting relief that is typically felt immediately after the treatment.
This simple and non-invasive in-office procedure requires no more than 10 minutes per treatment and has little to no discomfort. Patients have seen overwhelming positive and immediate results. 

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